The Depix Use Cases

  • E-Commerce

    Fast background removal and editing tools for e-commerce. Everything to showcase and promote your product out there in the inter-webs!

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  • Marketing

    Just what you need to create images for your marketing. Nothing complicated to learn, no time wasted. Let your creativity flow and promote yourself!

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  • Social Media

    You can create amazing social media content with Depix. From profile pics, to intricate compositions, we make it easy!

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  • Just for fun

    Let your creativity flow. Get ideas out of your head and into beautiful imagery at the speed of AI. Share concepts, ideas, thoughts, and dreams.

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What do you need to do today?

  • 01

    Remove background

    Background removal made simple. Just click on what to keep, the rest is gone.

  • 02

    Product shot

    Once the background is removed, you can replace it with anything you want. Try white for e-com or get creative with our stock photo library!

  • 03


    Depix remembers your settings and preferences, just hit the swap button and new objects, variants and ideas come in where you need them.

  • 04

    Profile pictures

    Our precise background removal tool handles all shapes and textures, including hair for a great looking pic in any background you want.

  • 05

    Mood boards

    With our two canvas design you can quickly cut and paste objects into your board, whatever you need to visualize!

  • 06

    Just create!

    With your images or our free stock photos and illustrations, you have everything you need to create beautiful compositions.

Any questions? Pretty sure we have answers

  • Depix makes it easy to cut any element from a picture and paste it into a new image and make it look like it fits. You select the object you want to copy with a left mouse click, making a green dot. After a second or two, the area selected will highlight. Most of the time, the first one or two green dots will select exactly what you want, but sometimes you want to add more with another left mouse click, or sometimes you want less with a right mouse click. One of the key benefits of using Depix for background removal is that if the AI doesn't select exactly what you want, you don't have a time-consuming and difficult time making a correction to get exactly what you want. Depix empowers you to select any element from an image with left and right mouse clicks. Editing is easy. You can cut as many objects as you want from a single image, and pasting them allows them to be rearranged and blended into a new background by pasting them to the creation canvas. Easily produce image creations to share on social media or for marketing content.

  • There are many applications that Depix can be used for. You can use it to simply remove the background from a product photograph for placement on eBay or Shopify or you can create a professional-looking lifestyle image, where you blend the product into a background with light blending and surface interaction like accurate looking shadows. Other use cases are: Background removal to create a transparent png, background removal to make a product on white background for e-commerce, changing the color of a background, changing the background image, creating a lifestyle shot of a product, swapping the sky for a more dramatic real estate photo, removing an ex from a photo, blending multiple images into a new image, creating a professional-looking profile picture.

  • The simplest use of Depix for e-commerce is background removal. Load an image to the left and pane, select the object you want, then click download, and you will have the object on a clear background saved as a PNG. Alternatively, you can paste the image to the right-hand pane and load any background you'd like from millions of stock photos. This might be a simple gradient or a relevant photo to make a product lifestyle image.

  • Depix is both a creative image editor and a background removal tool. You can create e-commerce background images by loading your product photograph into the left-hand pane. Then left-click on the part of the image you want to copy and right-click on the area you don't want to keep, then quickly download an image ready for e-commerce, or you can paste it to the right pane. The right-hand pane is a creative image editor for creative composition. You can create a new image and arrange your products creatively for interesting social media posts. Depix is a creative software enabling everyone to make creative and interesting compositions to share.

  • To share your image with the team at Depix, click the three dots at the top of the right hand panel and click on Show Us!