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  • We offer 10 free low resolution images a week. If you subscribe, you get 100 high resolution images a week and full features. Depix evolves constantly. You can browse our flexible plans today!

  • You can use most Depix features, including stock photos, for free with no watermark. You will need a paid account for image cleanup and high resolution downloads.

  • No! you can use all Depix features for free. You will only start paying when you reach your free images limit.


  • Depix is an online image editor that enables background removal, background change, and image composition with sophisticated shadow and light adjustment, all in a very simple, easy-to-learn browser-based application.

  • Depix is both a creative image editor and a background removal tool. You can create e-commerce background images by loading your product photograph into the left-hand pane. Then left-click on the part of the image you want to copy and right-click on the area you don't want to keep, then quickly download an image ready for e-commerce, or you can paste it to the right pane. The right-hand pane is a creative image editor for creative composition. You can create a new image and arrange your products creatively for interesting social media posts. Depix is a creative software enabling everyone to make creative and interesting compositions to share.

  • Depix brings a innovative cut and paste approach to image editing. Upload your objects to the left, remove background and paste to the right. An intuitive way compose images for e-com and e-fun. Add lights and shadows for realistic results! Discover all Depix's features.

  • Bugs can happen, so if you encounter one, do let us know on the form below!

  • We want to hear it! Do let us know on the form at the bottom of this page!

  • Depix works with all browsers. There are many, so if you encounter a problem, do let us know!

  • After pasting the cutout element to the right hand panel, click on the add shadow button to add a ground shadow. Click and drag the green dot to move the shadow around the object. Adjust the opacity and blur of the shadow with the sliders. Switch to a flat shadow to project the shadow on a wall. If you activate the light settings too, the shadow will now control the directional lighting effect.

  • We made Depix because we found existing image editing software and platforms bulky and complicated. We decided to create a product that makes image editing easy, with ai assistance, without the avalanche of templates and un-necessary features. Simple is best, Depix is the simplest way! Inspired and looking to find your new dream job? Browse our job opportunities

  • The best creative photo editor is easy to learn and fast to use. Depix has been designed with the creative user in mind. Depix enables you to get the images in your head to be imaged on the screen because it is fast and easy.

  • When you are editing photos for business use you want an application that gives high-quality results with little effort and time. You can save time and get a quality result by using Depix, specifically designed with the eCommerce user in mind. It's quick to learn and easy to use.

  • Of course! Depix is the fastest way to create images for your products and marketing needs, whether you work in marketing for an agency, you own a e-commerce store or you are a content creator.

  • Depix uses artificial intelligence to automate some of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks in traditional image editing software. It's entirely web-based and makes background removal and image editing fun and fast.

  • Depix is the fastest and simplest way to create a new image by combining elements from many images. An online image editor is a creative platform to let your ideas flow. Discover all Depix's features.

  • Depix currently supports jpg, png, and webp images.

  • Depix currently supports english, but we are working on internationalising the website for our users accross the world.

  • Depix is currently in beta. Sign up to get early access. We will contact you for a personalized onboarding.


  • Depix has a new innovation called layer less editing which simplifies the process of ordering multiple elements in an image. Instead of selecting a layer before you take action on it to bring it forward or backward, you simply click on the element and push or pull it into position relative to other objects.

  • Depix enables you to cut any element from an image, paste it into a new image, and easily adjust its light and shadow properties. So to edit an image in depix, you load the image containing the element you want to take into the left-hand panel and load the target image to the right-hand panel. Left-click on the object and wait for it to select. If the selection is what you want, press the paste button to appear on the right-hand side. You can then use the lighting and shadow adjustment tools to blend it into the background image.

  • Start by loading an image online to the left panel in Depix. Left Mouse Click on what you want to keep, and if needed, right-click on the part of the image that you want to throw away. After each click, automatic background removal commences. If you like the result, you can download it directly as a png or paste it to the right-hand canvas to compose a new image.

  • No! you can use all Depix features for free with no watermark. You will only start paying when you reach your free images limit.

  • The easiest image editing software to use is where you don't need any training or have to watch videos to figure it out. It's simple and intuitive. Depix is about having the key tools needed to make a nice image composition with just a few powerful tools.

  • Start by loading an image online to the left panel in Depix. Left Mouse Click on what you want to keep, and if needed, right click on the part of the image that you want to throw away. After each click, automatic background removal commences. If you like the result, you can download directly as a png or can paste it to the right hand image to compose a new image.

  • When you take elements from one image and paste them into another to compose a new image, key things are required for the resulting image to look professional.

    1. You need the element's perspective to be close to the background image. This means if the element you are pasting was taken with a very wide-angle lens, and the background of the image you are composing is taken with a telephoto lens, the perspectives won't be matched, and it just won't look right. Try to select images that are taken with a similar focal length.

    2. If you paste an element that does not have the correct lighting or shadow, it will look like a sticker is pasted onto the picture; it won't look blended. So it is important to adjust the shadow to the direction of the strongest light source. Depix tools make it easy to add a ground shadow or a shadow on the wall and make lighting adjustments for tone on the image fragment to blend it with the background.

  • To add a drop shadow to an object, load the subject image into the left panel and left click on it to select it. Paste it to the right hand panel. Click on the shadow button and select either the ground shadow or flat shadow (drop shadow) use the dots to edit the direction or click on the shadow to move it.

  • Depix is a very easy-to-use yet powerful, web-based image editing and compositing software that works on any platform. It can be learned in just minutes. Upload an image, cut it from the picture and paste it into a new picture and blend it in with a few lighting adjustments and shadow sliders.

  • Depix allows you to create professional-looking pictures of your product for free with our quick and easy photo editing tool. Discover every Depix's features.

  • Depix is very powerful because it easily lets you add new objects into a new background photo of your selection. It's almost as simple as cutting and paste for text. You click on the object you'd like to copy and paste that object into a new background or another picture. You can copy a person from one image to another, for instance. You can cut an element from a photo, and paste that element into the new background.

  • Photoshop is a massive toolbox of tools that can take years to master but can be used to create or edit any kind of image. Depix is like the swiss army knife of image composition. We have focused on a few of the most powerful and useful tools for specific functions like background removal and ground or wall shadows. Few tools mean easy to learn and use.

  • Depix makes it easy to cut any element from a picture and paste it into a new image and make it look like it fits. You select the object you want to copy with a left mouse click, making a green dot. After a second or two, the area selected will highlight. Most of the time, the first one or two green dots will select exactly what you want, but sometimes you want to add more with another left mouse click, or sometimes you want less with a right mouse click. One of the key benefits of using Depix for background removal is that if the AI doesn't select exactly what you want, you don't have a time-consuming and difficult time making a correction to get exactly what you want. Depix empowers you to select any element from an image with left and right mouse clicks. Editing is easy. You can cut as many objects as you want from a single image, and pasting them allows them to be rearranged and blended into a new background by pasting them to the creation canvas. Easily produce image creations to share on social media or for marketing content.

  • In Depix, you make a background transparent by selecting the object you want to keep with a left mouse click, and you will see the element selected. If it's what you want after the first click hit download for a transparent png or paste to use the object in a composition. The background is removed from the image.

Use Cases

  • To remove blemishes on the face with Depix, first select the magic eraser tool and carefully erase blemishes on the face. You just need to click on them and let AI do the rest!

  • Depix can facilitate a content creators work because it is so simple and fast to use. You can focus on being creative and use the tool to enable ideas to flow from your mind to an image, which can be used directly as creative content for social media, or can be used to communicate your ideas to co workers. 

  • There are many applications that Depix can be used for. You can use it to simply remove the background from a product photograph for placement on eBay or Shopify or you can create a professional-looking lifestyle image, where you blend the product into a background with light blending and surface interaction like accurate looking shadows. Other use cases are: Background removal to create a transparent png, background removal to make a product on white background for e-commerce, changing the color of a background, changing the background image, creating a lifestyle shot of a product, swapping the sky for a more dramatic real estate photo, removing an ex from a photo, blending multiple images into a new image, creating a professional-looking profile picture.

  • A collage is made from several image elements taken from other images. Depix is a great tool to create a collage because it's easy to cut and copy an element from an image and paste it into a new image.

  • Depix is the perfect tool to take your ex out of a photo. Load the original image into the left panel of Depix. Left-click on the person in the image you want to keep. Load a new background image to the right panel. Paste the selected person to the right panel, adjust the light and shadow and download the new image without the ex.

  • To create a YouTube Banner with Depix, first, create a white blank canvas 2048 wide by 1152 pixels high. The safe area for the Logo and Text is 1235x388 pixels. Upload the blank canvas to the right-hand pane in Depix. Cut and paste your content from the left panel into the blank canvas and arrange to make sure it fits the 1235x388 safe area.

  • As demand for more content increases, you want to use a fast and easy photo editing app that allows you to quickly create exactly what you are looking for. The Depix has been designed to be the fastest and simplest way to create stunning quality marketing content.

  • It's easy to create cool social media posts in Depix and it's a great tool for creating content. You can create marketing photos and professional-looking images which can be used in marketing campaigns.

  • If you want to remove the white background from an image and make it transparent, load the image into the left panel of Depix. Click on the object to select it. If, after the first click, the selection you want to keep is good, download the image with a transparent background in a PNG format. If it needs more selection, left click to keep more and right-click to discard an unwanted selection.

  • Simple! New cutouts will be swapped with the same positioning, light, and shadows using our swap feature. Just swap, download, and post!

  • Product background removal is easy with Depix. Just use our selective background removal tool, then download the png with a transparent background.

  • If you want to change the background of an image, you load the original image into the left pane of Depix and you load the new background into the right-hand pane. Using the left mouse button click on the objects in the original image you want to keep, and pause for a couple of seconds to see the selection. If what you want is selected, click on the Paste button to paste it into the new image. If you want to select more or less, click the left button to select more of the image. Right-click to throw away an area you don't want to be selected, then paste the element into the new image.

  • To change the sky in a picture, load the original image to the left-hand panel to change the sky in a picture. Select with a left-click all the elements in the image you want to keep, right-click and place a red dot on the sky. Once you have the desired selection, paste the selection to the right-hand panel. Load a new sky from your desktop or stock photography and align the selection for a new composition with a new sky.

  • If you have a small business Depix is the perfect choice for creating visual content. You can create a simple product on a pure white background or get creative with lighting and shadow and a different background.

  • White backgrounds are widely accepted as the standard for eCommerce. They are also a requirement for many marketplaces like Amazon.

  • Drag and drop your product image to the left-hand panel of Depix. Click once on the object. If the selection is acceptable, click download. This will give you the object on a transparent background saved in a PNG format. The downloaded image will be the same size as the uploaded one, so may have to be cropped to your specifications.

  • Removing people from pictures can be easily done with the help of our magic eraser. You simply need to select the person using our tool and apply the feature to erase them.

  • Depix can facilitate a content creator's work because it is simple and fast to use. You can focus on being creative and use the tool to enable ideas to flow from your mind to an image, which can be used directly to create content for social media or can be used to communicate your ideas to co-workers. Our creative image editor allows you to cut, paste and compose images at the speed of ai. Start by uploading your images or using those from the large free stock photo library.

  • The simplest use of Depix for e-commerce is background removal. Load an image to the left and pane, select the object you want, then click download, and you will have the object on a clear background saved as a PNG. Alternatively, you can paste the image to the right-hand pane and load any background you'd like from millions of stock photos. This might be a simple gradient or a relevant photo to make a product lifestyle image.

  • It's easy with Depix! Start with our product background removal tool to give your product a transparent background. Next, you can paste your product onto a white background or any color or setting.

  • To share your image with the team at Depix, click the three dots at the top of the right hand panel and click on Show Us!

  • It's easy with Depix! Start with our product background removal tool to give your product a transparent background. Next you can paste your product onto a white background or any other color or setting.

  • To remove unwanted objects from pictures, select our eraser tool and then click the area you want to remove. The tool will blend the surrounding pixels to cover the object seamlessly, resulting in a natural-looking photo without any trace of the unwanted object.

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