Unleash your creativity

Just for fun

Depix is an AI powered online image editing platform. Simple and intuitive to remove backgrounds, create and edit images! Let your creativity flow. Get ideas out of your head and into beautiful imagery at the speed of AI. Share concepts, ideas, thoughts, and dreams.

  • Easily compose any image you want

    With our easy background removal tool, interactive cut and paste interface, and simple light and shadow tools, you can create amazing images with little effort. You don't need to be a pro, just let your creativity flow!

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  • No need for complicated layers

    We have created a new way for objects and backgrounds to interact. Gone are traditional and complicated layer systems and in comes layerless editing. It's interactive and immediate. Once you try it, you will not go back.

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Things you can do With Depix®

Any questions? Pretty sure we have answers

  • A collage is made from several image elements taken from other images. Depix is a great tool to create a collage because it's easy to cut and copy an element from an image and paste it into a new image.

  • It's easy with Depix! Start with our product background removal tool to give your product a transparent background. Next, you can paste your product onto a white background or any color or setting.

  • To change the sky in a picture, load the original image to the left-hand panel to change the sky in a picture. Select with a left-click all the elements in the image you want to keep, right-click and place a red dot on the sky. Once you have the desired selection, paste the selection to the right-hand panel. Load a new sky from your desktop or stock photography and align the selection for a new composition with a new sky.

  • The best creative photo editor is easy to learn and fast to use. Depix has been designed with the creative user in mind. Depix enables you to get the images in your head to be imaged on the screen because it is fast and easy.