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Depix is an AI powered online image editing platform. Simple and intuitive to remove backgrounds, create and edit images! Perfect your social media creative work.

  • Change background on your profile pic

    Use our precise and selective background removal tool to make a great a profile picture! You can then chose any background you want.

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    Make your social media post right! Simple light, color and shadow sliders allow you to quickly edit your images and blend objects into new backgrounds or make them pop!

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Things you can do With Depix®

Any questions? Pretty sure we have answers

  • To create a YouTube Banner with Depix, first, create a white blank canvas 2048 wide by 1152 pixels high. The safe area for the Logo and Text is 1235x388 pixels. Upload the blank canvas to the right-hand pane in Depix. Cut and paste your content from the left panel into the blank canvas and arrange to make sure it fits the 1235x388 safe area.

  • No! you can use all Depix features for free. You will only start paying when you reach your free images limit.

  • You can use most Depix features, including stock photos, for free with no watermark. You will need a paid account for image cleanup and high resolution downloads.

  • The easiest image editing software to use is where you don't need any training or have to watch videos to figure it out. It's simple and intuitive. Depix is about having the key tools needed to make a nice image composition with just a few powerful tools.

  • Depix can facilitate a content creator's work because it is simple and fast to use. You can focus on being creative and use the tool to enable ideas to flow from your mind to an image, which can be used directly to create content for social media or can be used to communicate your ideas to co-workers. Our creative image editor allows you to cut, paste and compose images at the speed of ai. Start by uploading your images or using those from the large free stock photo library.