Left click to add, right click to subtract.

The power of the dot

Click once on your subject. Pause. Let AI do the work if you need to fix it. Green dot to add to the selection, red to subtract. Cut out any element from your image.

  • Precise

    Click ON the center of your subject, then apply. Our background removal tool works on simple and more complicated things like cute cats. You can download your image on a transparent background or compose a new image using a new background.

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  • Interactive

    Need to fix your selection? No brush or lasso. Point, click and let ai do the rest. Left-click to add, and right-click to remove. Interactively select any element from the image.

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  • Selective

    Choose what to remove. Pick any object in your picture to cut out. Depix lets you easily deconstruct complicated images by picking the subject you want with the power of the dot.

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Things you can do with Depix

Any questions? Pretty sure we have answers

  • If you want to change the background of an image, you load the original image into the left pane of Depix and you load the new background into the right-hand pane. Using the left mouse button click on the objects in the original image you want to keep, and pause for a couple of seconds to see the selection. If what you want is selected, click on the Paste button to paste it into the new image. If you want to select more or less, click the left button to select more of the image. Right-click to throw away an area you don't want to be selected, then paste the element into the new image.

  • It's easy with Depix! Start with our product background removal tool to give your product a transparent background. Next you can paste your product onto a white background or any other color or setting.

  • In Depix, you make a background transparent by selecting the object you want to keep with a left mouse click, and you will see the element selected. If it's what you want after the first click hit download for a transparent png or paste to use the object in a composition. The background is removed from the image.

  • It's easy to create cool social media posts in Depix and it's a great tool for creating content. You can create marketing photos and professional-looking images which can be used in marketing campaigns.