Use the power of the dot to delete anything from an image

Remove objects from photos

Depix is an AI powered online image editing platform. Simple and intuitive to remove backgrounds, create and edit images! Remove people, objects, blemishes and more from your pictures in just a couple of clicks.

  • Erase an object for e-commerce

    Get that e-commerce image just right by using the erase feature to remove unwanted elements such as distracting backgrounds, unwanted logos, or even blemishes on the product itself. Upload your product image and retouch in seconds without losing quality.

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  • Take a picture off the wall

    Use the erase feature to erase a picture off the wall and visualize a new one. This feature is useful when you want to experiment with different pictures on your wall and see how they look in your living space.

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  • Erase an object

    This powerful tool erases anything in your image with just a few clicks. Whether you want to get rid of an object or element from your image, this feature can help you achieve a clean and polished image without having to worry about affecting the overall quality.

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  • Remove a person

    Focus your composition on just your subject by removing unwanted people from a picture. Our powerful tool can easily remove unwanted people or distractions in the background to make it more cleaner and focused.

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  • Clean up a background

    With Depix, clean up a cluttered or busy environment in the background that can be distracting.

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Got questions? We have answers

  • To remove blemishes on the face with Depix, first select the magic eraser tool and carefully erase blemishes on the face. You just need to click on them and let AI do the rest!

  • Depix is the perfect tool to take your ex out of a photo. Load the original image into the left panel of Depix. Left-click on the person in the image you want to keep. Load a new background image to the right panel. Paste the selected person to the right panel, adjust the light and shadow and download the new image without the ex.

  • Removing people from pictures can be easily done with the help of our magic eraser. You simply need to select the person using our tool and apply the feature to erase them.

  • To remove unwanted objects from pictures, select our eraser tool and then click the area you want to remove. The tool will blend the surrounding pixels to cover the object seamlessly, resulting in a natural-looking photo without any trace of the unwanted object.