Interactive, precise and selective

Background Removal

Depix is an interactive, AI powered online image editing platform that is simple and intuitive to remove a background, or create and edit images. Upload your image, cut out the part you want, and paste it to compose a new image with a new background. Then it's easy to adjust lighting and add a shadow for professional results.

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Precise and Selective Background Removal

AI does the work. We use neural networks to give you the best results. Works on single and multiple objects. Precise with all shapes and textures including hair. You choose what to remove, simply left click on what you want and right click on what you don't. Try it on your profile pic or product shots!


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Things you can do

With Depix®

What do you need to do today?

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    Remove background

    Background removal made simple. Just click on what to keep, the rest is gone.

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    Product shot

    Once the background is removed, you can replace it with anything you want. Try white for e-com or get creative with our stock photo library!

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    Depix remembers your settings and preferences, just hit the swap button and new objects, variants and ideas come in where you need them.

  • 04

    Profile pictures

    Our precise background removal tool handles all shapes and textures, including hair for a great looking pic in any background you want.

  • 05

    Mood boards

    With our two canvas design you can quickly cut and paste objects into your board, whatever you need to visualize!

  • 06

    Just create!

    With your images or our free stock photos and illustrations, you have everything you need to create beautiful compositions.

Any questions? Pretty sure we have answers

  • Start by loading an image online to the left panel in Depix. Left Mouse Click on what you want to keep, and if needed, right-click on the part of the image that you want to throw away. After each click, automatic background removal commences. If you like the result, you can download it directly as a png or paste it to the right-hand canvas to compose a new image.

  • In Depix, you make a background transparent by selecting the object you want to keep with a left mouse click, and you will see the element selected. If it's what you want after the first click hit download for a transparent png or paste to use the object in a composition. The background is removed from the image.

Final composition