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Layerless editing

Layerless editing. Incredibly intuitive, and easy to use, without the frustration of complicated editing modes or layers. A more interactive approach to image editing will let you express your creativity more freely!

  • Interactive

    We have created a new way for objects and backgrounds to interact. Gone are traditional and complicated layer systems and in comes layerless editing. Minimalist design, easy and intuitive image editing tools powered by artificial intelligence will allow you to quickly create images you never thought possible. You don't need to take a class to use Depix and your creations will rival those who did. Once you try it, you will not go back. 

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  • Intuitive

    Forget complicated layer systems. With Depix you can change the order of your objects by intuitively dragging them from front to back. You can easily create what you want, no deep image editing skills needed.

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  • Easy

    When you edit an image, you just want to get the job done fast. It's easy to lift an object from an image and put into a background and blend it with interactive shadows. A very short learning curve means you get things done faster. Using the front to back slider, you just push your objects into place behind or pull to bring them in front.

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Things you can do With Depix®

Any questions? Pretty sure we have answers

  • Depix has a new innovation called layer less editing which simplifies the process of ordering multiple elements in an image. Instead of selecting a layer before you take action on it to bring it forward or backward, you simply click on the element and push or pull it into position relative to other objects.

  • We offer 10 free low resolution images a week. If you subscribe, you get 100 high resolution images a week and full features. Depix evolves constantly. You can browse our flexible plans today!

  • No! you can use all Depix features for free with no watermark. You will only start paying when you reach your free images limit.

  • Depix is both a creative image editor and a background removal tool. You can create e-commerce background images by loading your product photograph into the left-hand pane. Then left-click on the part of the image you want to copy and right-click on the area you don't want to keep, then quickly download an image ready for e-commerce, or you can paste it to the right pane. The right-hand pane is a creative image editor for creative composition. You can create a new image and arrange your products creatively for interesting social media posts. Depix is a creative software enabling everyone to make creative and interesting compositions to share.