Make your images shine

Easy Light & Shadows

Depix is an AI powered online image editing platform. Simple and intuitive to remove backgrounds, create and edit images! Just upload your images, cut and paste, adjust lighting and shadows and you’re done!

  • Easy Light

    Simple light and color sliders allow you to quickly edit your images and blend objects into new backgrounds or make them pop. We want to make your image editing experience as easy as it can be.

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  • Easy Shadow

    Shadows increase photo-realism of your images. With Depix you choose between wall or ground shadow, to make your subjects pop or blend in the background.

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  • Interactive light and shadows

    The magic happens when you connect light and shadow! Super easy with Depix. Just turn on the spotlight and the shadow, click and drag the handle to position the light.

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Things you can do With Depix®

Any questions? Pretty sure we have answers

  • To add a drop shadow to an object, load the subject image into the left panel and left click on it to select it. Paste it to the right hand panel. Click on the shadow button and select either the ground shadow or flat shadow (drop shadow) use the dots to edit the direction or click on the shadow to move it.

  • There are many applications that Depix can be used for. You can use it to simply remove the background from a product photograph for placement on eBay or Shopify or you can create a professional-looking lifestyle image, where you blend the product into a background with light blending and surface interaction like accurate looking shadows. Other use cases are: Background removal to create a transparent png, background removal to make a product on white background for e-commerce, changing the color of a background, changing the background image, creating a lifestyle shot of a product, swapping the sky for a more dramatic real estate photo, removing an ex from a photo, blending multiple images into a new image, creating a professional-looking profile picture.

  • We offer 10 free low resolution images a week. If you subscribe, you get 100 high resolution images a week and full features. Depix evolves constantly. You can browse our flexible plans today!

  • Depix is both a creative image editor and a background removal tool. You can create e-commerce background images by loading your product photograph into the left-hand pane. Then left-click on the part of the image you want to copy and right-click on the area you don't want to keep, then quickly download an image ready for e-commerce, or you can paste it to the right pane. The right-hand pane is a creative image editor for creative composition. You can create a new image and arrange your products creatively for interesting social media posts. Depix is a creative software enabling everyone to make creative and interesting compositions to share.