Cut, Paste, Compose

Easy Image Composition

A new way to interact with images. Our two canvas approach couldn’t be easier to master. One side is your visual source, the other your new image composition. Compose multiple objects and let your creativity flow.

  • 2 canvas interface

    A new way to interact with images. Upload on the left to select the objects you want and remove background. Paste to the right to start your new image.

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  • Interactive

    Interact with any object in your image. Selective background removal means you choose what to remove. With our layer-less editing tool you can easily move objects from font to back. Lights and shadows are connected for easy photo-realistic results.

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  • Free stock photos and illustrations

    Upload new backgrounds or boost your creations with millions of royalty-free stock photos and illustrations. We have all the content you need for your e-com or e-fun images. 

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Things you can do
with Depix®

Any questions? Pretty sure we have answers

  • Depix makes it easy to cut any element from a picture and paste it into a new image and make it look like it fits. You select the object you want to copy with a left mouse click, making a green dot. After a second or two, the area selected will highlight. Most of the time, the first one or two green dots will select exactly what you want, but sometimes you want to add more with another left mouse click, or sometimes you want less with a right mouse click. One of the key benefits of using Depix for background removal is that if the AI doesn't select exactly what you want, you don't have a time-consuming and difficult time making a correction to get exactly what you want. Depix empowers you to select any element from an image with left and right mouse clicks. Editing is easy. You can cut as many objects as you want from a single image, and pasting them allows them to be rearranged and blended into a new background by pasting them to the creation canvas. Easily produce image creations to share on social media or for marketing content.

  • Depix is very powerful because it easily lets you add new objects into a new background photo of your selection. It's almost as simple as cutting and paste for text. You click on the object you'd like to copy and paste that object into a new background or another picture. You can copy a person from one image to another, for instance. You can cut an element from a photo, and paste that element into the new background.