How to use Depix and Realize the Scandinavian Decor Dreams of a Cute Cat

Written by Depix

Posted March 7th, 2023

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But really how to use Depix and make the most of it


In this guide, you’ll learn how to use Depix and discover a simple and intuitive tool to remove background, remove objects from images and create image compositions. Did you know that Depix is based on AI? Indeed, the tool uses AI assistance to execute tasks quickly and efficiently, with a seemingless interface that doesn’t include unnecessary features. Ready for a Depix guided tour?


Getting started with your Depix account

First and foremost, if you don’t have an account yet, make sure to create one via the login page. Once done, log in into your account to start your masterpieces. 

To be noted that you can use Depix on your computer, tablet and phone. The tool is a Web app, meaning you have nothing to download to access it. Yay!


Get familiar with the interface

Once you’re logged in, you’ll start with a one screen canvas for background removal. It will change to our distinctive two-canvas interface to start your composition. Notice also the simplicity of the app, with buttons that get right to the point.

depix loading screen 1
depix cute cat pictures and background removal

The left panel

Easily import your own image by drag and drop it on the left canvas. You can also use the “select image” button to either upload a file from your device or choose a stock image from multiple galleries of stock images. This panel is where you can remove the background of your image.


The right panel

The right side is the image composition panel. You can paste your object to a new background, again, either from your device or from a stock images gallery. 


The top right menu

On the menu at the top of your screen, you’ll find the help button with many tips and useful videos to help you navigate in Depix if you need it. Next to it is your account information. You’ll find the number of images left if you’re on the free plan, or your subscription details if you have subscribed to Depix.

cute cat with background removed by depix and placed on white background

Depix functionalities

Depix is packed with cool features. Whether it’s just for the fun of composing an image, creating an original product photo for your e-commerce shop or making a beautiful post for your social media, learn to do it with ease with Depix.


Remove background

Once you import an image on the left panel, Depix’s AI will automatically remove the background around the main object in the image. 

  • Of course, you can adjust the selection if it’s not perfect with the cut out tool. Click on the “Edit” button to do so. 

A powerful aspect of the cut tool is to quickly choose what element to cut out of an image:

  • Left click adds a section to the cut out
  • Right click removes sections of the cut out
  • Use the clear selection button if needed or the undo button.
  • At this point, you can either download your image as is (picture without a background) or click on the green button “apply” to paste your subject to the right panel to start making a composition.

cute cat with selective background removal by depix

Create a composition

Now that you have pasted your object on the right panel, it’s time for your creativity to unleash. 

  • Under the right panel, you’ll see another “+” blue sign where you can add a background image.
  • Once done, you can resize your object by clicking on it and using the blue dots around it.

cute cat in scandinavian living room

Lighting adjustment

Once you activate the lighting adjustment toggle, you’ll have many options on the lighting and the color of your object. A spotlight can be added to re-light it.

cute cat with lighting adjustment

Shadow adjustment

A shadow can be activated on the object toolbar. You can either choose a wall shadow or a ground shadow. You can play around with the position of your shadow with the blue dot, while the green dot is to change the orientation of the shadow. This will change the direction of the spotlight, moving the shadow.

cute cat with shadow adjustment

Change order of elements in composition

If you want to change the order of elements in your composition, you can do so with Depix’s layerless editing.

  • If you want to place your pasted object behind an element from your background, use the scissors button under the right panel, called “Select an object from background image”. 
  • Click left on the element you want to select, and right click on the elements you want to unselect. Press confirm when your selection is done.

depix layer-less editing

  • Click on your pasted object, hold, and push the white button under the element to move the object into the distance.The blue dot defines how far the object is with respect to the ground.
  • You can do the same thing with multiple pasted objects and change their order in your composition by following the same steps. 
depix layer-less editing with cute cat

Cut the projected shadow

If you applied a shadow to an object but the shadow should not appear on a specific surface, you can cut part of a shadow on a surface.

  • First, click anywhere in the background to select it. 
  • Select the “select ground from background image” button.
  • Select the surface area, where the shadow should appear with left click, and unselect some part of the image with right click.
  • Click on confirm and now, the shadow will only render on the surface.

cute cat with wrong shadow
depix ground plane selection for shadow casting
cute cat with proper shadow

Remove an object from an image

If your goal is to remove an element from an image, there is nothing easier with Depix. 

  • On the right panel, import your background image. 
  • Click on the eraser icon, called “erase an object from background image”.
  • Left click on the element you wish to remove and let the magic happen!
  • Press confirm when you’re done with your selection.

depix selective object removal of cup and plate
final image

We hope you enjoy Depix. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts when you’re logged on the tool using the “Feedback” button.

Give it a go! Give it a go!