How to remove a background from an image with Depix AI

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Posted July 25th, 2022

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It's simple, interactive and precise.

Easily remove unwanted background online from images with Depix AI. The following steps will make you a professional in removing background from images using Depix AI background remover. 

The hard way to remove background from an existing photo is to use complex tools like Adobe Photoshop. However, if you're not comfortable with these programs or just want something easier and faster, we have a free online tool that can help you do this! In this tutorial we'll show you how easy it is to remove a photo's unwanted background using Depix AI.

How to use Depix AI Interactive Background Editor to Remove background


Step 1: Open Depix AI Background Remover

Go to our background removal tool page
Click on "Access free beta" button
Sign up and click on the “Upload” button at the bottom left of the page and choose your picture from your computer. You can also drag and drop the image you want to edit.

Step 2: Remove Background and Edit your Picture

Once your image is uploaded, click on your subject you want to keep. If corrections in selection are needed, simply left-click to keep what you want or right-click on what you don't want. 
You can also use the toolbar below your image to interact with it. Indeed, Depix requires that you interact with the image in order to start processing it. The goal is to make sure you obtain the most satisfying result.


Step 3: Download with Transparent Background

Now that the background is removed, if your goal is to obtain a transparent background, it's time to download your subject.
Simply click on the “Download selection with transparent background”.


Step 4: Or Paste a New Background and Download

Choose a new background for your subject. Simply click on the “+” sign on the right to add a background image. 
Click on “Paste” to add the subject on which you removed the background to the right canvas.
To download your composition and save it to your computer, simply click on “Download your masterpiece”.


Change Background Picture According to your Needs

Remove Background from Product Photos for Ecommerce Stores

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to take great product photos. Nor do you need to be a professional editor to remove the background from your photos for your ecommerce site: Depix AI can do the job for you! In only a few clicks, remove background from your product shot, replace background and adjust it to your needs. Choose a new background for your product photography among our free stock images catalog directly on Depix AI or upload one from your computer. Our AI removes background from images quickly so you can concentrate on other important tasks to manage your ecommerce business. The good news? It’s free to try!


Remove Background from Logo

Sometimes, you need to work with a logo but don’t have the source file with a transparent background. It might be a hassle to get the right format from your team. We have a quick, easy and free solution to remove the background from your logo. And it will preserve the quality of your original file. So how to remove the background from a logo for free do you ask? With Depix AI, just upload your logo to the platform, select what you want to keep (your logo) and our selective tool will automatically remove the background. From there, you can either download your logo in PNG format to make your background transparent, or paste your logo in the other canvas to add a new background. Removing a background from a logo has never been this fast or easy! If you are working in marketing, having our web app in your bookmarks is a no-brainer.


Remove Background Around Hair

Background removal can be a very difficult process with complicated tools like Photoshop. And even more when working with complex images, such as portraits with hair. Forget about picking pixels by hand and make the switch to Depix AI. Our web app identifies hair pixels and removes background in just a few seconds. Our easy-to-use background changer will help you achieve stunning results quickly, to spice up your portrait. Whether you want to use it just for fun or for a more professional outcome, with Depix AI, removing background from hair is not a hard task anymore. 


Remove Background for Social Media Content 

If you want to create unique social media content, changing the background from an image is a great way to show your identity or even your brand identity. Changing a background to improve a design for a Facebook post, for example, is really easy with Depix AI. You can also remove a background from your profile picture, create a new YouTube banner, or an aesthetic Instagram post. Say adiós to beautiful pictures with a boring background: change it in a glimpse of an eye to create a wow effect. The good thing is with Depix AI, no need to download anything; just use our web app on your desktop.


Top Reasons to Use Depix AI to Remove Background from Images

  • Depix AI is a free and easy tool to use
  • Remove background from product photos for eBay, Etsy, Amazon or Shopify listings
  • Remove complex background from images in a few clicks
  • Remove the background from logo
  • Place a high quality shadow on the ground or wall
  • Easy access to free stock photos without watermark
  • Remove background around hair
  • Create new profile picture for social media
  • Innovative swap function that remembers your settings and preferences to apply them on multiple images
  • No technical or designer skills required
  • Supports PNG, JPG and WEBP graphic formats (import and export)

Try Depix AI today and discover image creation made easy. Share your creations with us on our Facebook or Instagram page. Happy background removal!

Give it a go! Give it a go!
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