Depix Technologies Announces Seed Funding

Written by Depix

Posted June 1st, 2022

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Montreal based Depix Technologies Inc announces it has secured 2M USD in seed funding from Anges Quebec, AQC Capital, TandemLaunch and select angel investors. The funds will be used to bring the company’s innovative AI image editing technology to the web and its early commercialization.

A new way to create images

The demand for digital images is higher than ever. Social media, ecommerce and online advertising require high quality images, fast. Depix will bring new ways of creating and editing images through machine learning and physics simulation. The company aims to simplify the process without compromising on photo-realism allowing everyone to create engaging content with few clicks.

“As transformation to digital continues to accelerate, Depix is making cut and paste for pictures as easy as it is for text. Seed investment from AQC Capital and Anges Quebec allows us to expand our team and get to product launch faster, enabling ecommerce and social media content creation to be easier than ever before.” Philip Lunn CEO Depix

About TandemLaunch

TandemLaunch creates, incubates and accelerates early-stage technology start-ups based on inventions from the world’s top universities in the areas of artificial intelligence, computer vision, IoT, audio and advanced sensors. The Company scouts thousands of technologies every year from a network that spans over 600 universities worldwide. Having successfully executed over 50 technology transfer agreements, TandemLaunch is a spinout foundry with an international scope, producing high-impact, IP-focused companies with an unprecedented rate of success.

About AQC Capital

AQC Capital manages two venture capital funds to support businesses in the startup phase. The fund invests in Quebec companies in all sectors that seek to bring innovation to global markets. AQC Capital teams up with Anges Québec, the largest angel investor network in the country, and together the groups bring smart capital to startups thanks to their experience and network.

About Anges Québec

Thanks to the strength and diversity of its network, Anges Québec strategically accompanies angel investors and passionate and innovative entrepreneurs in their international ambitions.  Founded in 2008, Anges Québec has over 230 members who have so far invested close to $120 million in more than 160 Quebec high growth potential companies, positioning itself as a leader in the Québec venture capital industry.

About Depix

Depix is an image compositing startup based in Montreal, Quebec. With patented technology based on university research, Depix is building the next-generation of image editing tools using the latest in machine learning and physics simulation. Launch of its web platform is scheduled for Q2 2022.

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