Create a Professional Profile Picture for LinkedIn With Depix

Written by Depix

Posted February 27th, 2023

On LinkedIn, your profile picture is an important part of your presence on the app. A first impression is crucial, so it’s your time to shine! You also want to keep your picture up to date. A good LinkedIn photo can make a positive first impression on potential employers or clients. But, do you need to spend hundreds of dollars on a photoshoot in order to get a great and professional profile picture that highlights your best features? Absolutely not! With Depix, easily edit photos taken by a phone and even selfies to create a great looking LinkedIn profile picture. Here are some tips for creating your next profile pic:


Mind your Posture

Make sure to have a good posture in your photo as it can convey confidence and professionalism, and can also help to create a positive first impression. Standing up straight with your shoulders back and your head held high can make you appear more confident, in control and engaged.


Dress Professionally, as if you Were Going to an Interview

When taking a photo for your Linkedin Profile, it is important to dress in a way that represents you and that is appropriate for your industry and professional setting. Avoid wearing overly casual clothes and opt for something that looks polished and professional. Don’t forget to smile! It can help convey your friendliness and approachability. A smiling face is more inviting than a serious or neutral expression, but remember to keep it natural.


Choose a Plain, Neutral Background

A plain, neutral background helps to draw attention to your face and makes it easier for people to focus on your features. Avoid busy or cluttered backgrounds, as they can be distracting. Use our free remove background tool to change the background in your next LinkedIn profile picture easily. Save time editing pixels to seek your next job!


Use a High-Quality Headshot


A clear, well-lit headshot is important for making a good first impression. Make sure to use a photo where you are alone to make it easy to identify you. With Depix, you can use the easy light and shadow tool to adjust lighting to make your LinkedIn profile picture optimal, if you could not take it in a well-lit room or outside. Also, make sure your photo is well cropped. Your face should fill about 60% of the picture and you need to have clear space around you. Show only your face and shoulders using our crop tool.


Use the Right Size and Dimensions

LinkedIn recommends using a square photo format that is at least 400x400 pixels. Your file should not be more than 8 MB, or larger than 20,000x20,000 pixels. Using a photo that is too small or too large can result in poor image quality. With Depix, you can now crop your image to select its size and download it for free!


Avoid Using Filters

While adjusting lighting and shadows on your picture is a good idea, for a professional LinkedIn profile picture, avoid using heavy filters. This can make your profile appear less professional, so you want to keep it simple and make sure it represents you.


By following these few tips and using Depix, you can create a professional LinkedIn profile picture that will strengthen your online presence on the platform. A good LinkedIn photo can make a big difference in how you are perceived online, so it is worth taking the time to create a high-quality, professional image. But remember! You want to have a photo that feels like you; so grab your phone or camera, be natural and create your next great LinkedIn profile picture!