Image creation at the speed of AI

Depix is an AI-powered online image editing platform. A simple and intuitive way to remove backgrounds, create, and edit images! Just upload your images, cut and paste, adjust lighting and shadows and you’re done!

  • Background Removal

    Background Removal

    Choose what you want to keep. Effortless, selective, and precise background removal makes editing your selection a breeze.

  • Easy Image Composition

    Easy Image Composition

    A new way to interact with images. Our two canvas approach couldn’t be easier to master. One side is your visual source, the other your new image composition. Compose multiple objects and let your creativity flow.

  • Layerless Editing

    Layerless Editing

    Layerless editing. Incredibly intuitive and easy to use, without the frustration of complicated editing modes or layers. We believe a more hands-on approach to image editing will let you express your creativity!

  • Easy Light & Shadows

    Easy Light & Shadows

    Make your images shine. Easy and intuitive directional light & shadow makes for realistic surface interaction which is the difference between good and great looking visuals.

For e-com or e-fun, Depix is used by shop owners, resellers, influencers, creatives and people just like you! Check out our users creations & kind words.

Any questions? Pretty sure we have answers

  • Depix is the fastest and simplest way to create a new image by combining elements from many images. An online image editor is a creative platform to let your ideas flow. Discover all Depix's features.

  • Depix is currently free for beta users. Signup for early access!

  • Depix is an online image editor that enables background removal, background change, and image composition with sophisticated shadow and light adjustment, all in a very simple, easy-to-learn browser-based application.

  • Depix uses artificial intelligence to automate some of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks in traditional image editing software. It's entirely web-based and makes background removal and image editing fun and fast.


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